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Hello all,


You might be interested in a new book just published by Victoria University
Press. In addition to the contents listed below you'll find further details
at http://www.victoria.ac.nz/vup/forthcoming/index.aspx  I expect that it
will shortly be available in their 'Recent books' section which, when it is,
you'll be able to purchase on-line.


Future State: Directions for Public Management in New Zealand

Editors: Bill Ryan and Derek Gill (Victoria University Press, 2011)

Publication: December 2011

ISBN: 9780864738202

Format: Paperback, pp. 348

RRP: $NZ50.00

Category: Politics



List of Tables and Figures


List of Contributors





Bill Ryan and Derek Gill


1. The Future State Project: Meeting The Challenges of the Twenty-First

Derek Gill, Stephanie Pride, Helen Gilbert, Richard Norman and Alec


2. No Reform Left Behind: Multiplicity, Integrating Frameworks and
Implications for New Zealand's Centre-of-Government and Public Sector

Evert Lindquist


3. The Signs are Everywhere: 'Community' Approaches to Public Management

Bill Ryan


4. A Public Management Heresy? Exploring the 'Managerial' Role of Ministers
within Public Management Policy Design

Michael Di Francesco and Elizabeth Eppel


5. Affordability and Sustainability: Tweaking is Not Enough

Bill Ryan


6. Complex Policy Implementation: The Role of Experimentation and Learning

Elizabeth Eppel, David Turner and Amanda Wolf


7. Working Across Organisational Boundaries: The Challenges for

Jonathan Boston and Derek Gill 


8. 'E-Government is dead - Long live networked governance': Fixing System
Errors in the New Zealand Public Management System 

Miriam Lips


9. Restructuring: An Over-used Lever for Change in New Zealand's State

Richard Norman and Derek Gill


10. Skills and People Capability in the Future State: Needs, Barriers and

Geoff Plimmer, Richard Norman and Derek Gill 


11. Past, Present and the Promise: Rekindling the Spirit of Reform

Bill Ryan and Derek Gill






Cheers, and season's greetings to those of you fortunate enough to live in
countries where we can take a break and relax...





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